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    Falcon: 30% hero, 70% sass

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    an old sketch commission I realized I never posted

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    killing leviathans, and then suddenly, blue steel

    dean winchester is the king of intense beauty

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    Girls that love gay guys but are disgusted by lesbians.


    Guys that love lesbians but are disgusted by gay guys.


    Anyone who is disgusted by anyone because of their sexual preference.




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    So let me tell you about the shittiest parent on the motherfucking planet.

    I work at a grocery store and this man comes in with his 11 year old son. He buys a pack a cigarettes and a two cases of beer. The son was holding a two dollar drawing pad and placed it on the belt and I guess the dad didn’t notice it at first but when I was about to scan the pad he asked where’d it have come from and turned towards the kid and asked “Did you put that shit up there?”. He told me to put it back and then told his 11 year old child that he “ain’t paying for that gay ass notebook.”.  So I looked at the kid, who was close to tears and saying how he ran out of paper at home and my heart broke. So I gave the pad to him, for free, and told the dad I would take care of it. I gave the kid some tokens for a game outside and said I would look forward to buying some of his drawings and paintings when he’s all famous. He kids face was so priceless and I thought everything was good. But then, about 10 ten minutes after giving the kid his notebook, I walked outside and saw this. The drawing pad all ripped up and tossed on the pavement. I could only imagine what happened in the parking lot, but I know that that poor kid heart is fucking ripped apart, just like this pad.

    I’m fucking horrified that there are parents like this, who, just because it’s not masculine or gender specificthey won’t let their children follow their true passions or explore interests that lead to their happiness. Even more so, I’m horrified that parents don’t care about the fine arts anymore because it doesn’t have job security. Since when did it ever matter to a child if their passion makes them money or not? Parenting is about supporting whatever makes your child happy. Have some fucking consideration for your child’s wants not your homophobic and anti-art ideals. 

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(Detail)- Wheat Field with Cypresses, Vincent Van Gogh. 1889.


    (Detail)- Wheat Field with Cypresses, Vincent Van Gogh. 1889.

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    " haha jk we had sex"

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    The very first fucking card

    nostalgia pack

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    if im on tumblr more than usual that means i have a lot of stuff i need to be doing and im trying to avoid doing it

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    A woman is not written in braille, you don’t have to touch her to know her.


    I will reblog this every single time

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    This is so fucking awesome

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    Sienna VS Markiplier

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i didn’t realize what i was doing till i had done it

    i didn’t realize what i was doing till i had done it

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